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151 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game

In 2002, I published 51 Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game. Hundreds of umpires emailed to tell me there were plenty more Blunders. So, in 2004, I published 50 More Ways to Ruin a Baseball Game. In the years since those best-selling books have been on the market, umpires have continued to tell me I've just scratched the surface. But those books are out of print, So, now, 151 Ways ....

This book contains the 101 original Blunders, reviewed, corrected, updated, and integrated with the new text. As you know already, I have, with the help of umpires across the world, added 50 new Blunders. Click the appropriate button below to see the list of 151 mistakes and read an excerpt.

234 pages, BRD size (5.5 x 8.5 inches), $12.99.

List of blunders


My usual guarantee: Buy it and if you don't like it, I'll refund your money. You get to keep the book.

When you get your copy, I'd appreciate a review at Amazon: good, bad, so-so, whatever. Thanks.





Carl Childress is the Editor-in-Chief of He's been writing professionally about amateur "hardball" umpiring for thirty-five years. The 2013 version of his unique Baseball Rule Differences, known as the BRD, is available at You may reach Carl at

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