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2013 BRD is Here

The new edition of THE BRD is available at my website. It went on sale two months earlier than ever before. If changes come now, say from the Conference Commissioners Calls (NCAA) this spring, all will be updated, coordinated, and integrated with the BRD, and downloadable for free. The same goes for the 20 FED website plays that are posted in the middle of February.

To be clear: All announced changes for the books are in the published edition.

I am proud of this "essental" book (Referee Magazine's description) but never so much as this year's edition. I began work in August and spent countless hours revising the text for accuracy and clarity. Every citation, every link, everything: It's the finest it's ever been. My usual guarantee: Buy the book. If you don't like it, I'll return your money, you can keep the book, and I'll send you a bonus CD. I'm that confident this is the greatest edition ever.

The book is now 6" x 9", which is the industry standard. You can read many more details at my website.

Enjoy, enjoy. And tell your umpire friends.

Also: For those of you familiar with the book. You know there are hundreds of cross references from Plays to Notes, from Sections to Off Interps. Using the printed version, you have to leaf back and forth. To solve that, I have an EBRD ($15), where the references (See section 341) are hot. One click takes you to the target. Then, after you finish your study, Ctrl + Left Arrow takes you back to the original spot. Clilck here for details and the purchase site.

Don't forget. If you purhcase via Carl's Store, you may use a discount code (published on Carl's Store page) for $2.00 off the list price.

Carl Childress is the Editor-in-Chief of He's been writing professionally about amateur "hardball" umpiring for thirty-five years. The 2013 version of his unique Baseball Rule Differences, known as the BRD, is available at You may reach Carl at

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