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The Umpire's List of Lists: New Book

Here's the Foreword that explains how my new book works:

Unfortunately, I have lost the name of an umpire who last year emailed to say I needed to make lists of what umpires needed to do: for a game, for a season, for a career.

His idea: There are training manuals, Power Point shows, magazine articles: all kinds of media to let an umpire know where he should stand, what he has to do; how and when to make a call. But as far as he knew, there wasn't a simple list of bullet points an umpire could read before he went to work.

The Umpire's List of Lists is going to solve that problem. Think of it as the Cliff Notes of working baseball. I make it easy for you to review the material before you take the text.

Here's an example. Every mechanics manual will explain that an umpire behind the plate should track the ball from the pitcher's hand all the way into the catcher's mitt. Not to do so means the umpire might fall victim to "tunnel vision." Moreover, failure to track the pitch to its end means the umpire may make up his mind too early. The pitch that looks so good at the cutout suddenly breaks, and the catcher must dive for the ball. That's covered in the List of Lists this way: (1) Track the pitch. (2) Don't call the pitch too soon.

You want to know the steps involved in calling plays at first base? There's a list. What goes into an ejection report? I've got a list. What are effective techniques for controlling a game? The Umpire's List of Lists "lists" them. To paraphrase the guy on the TV ad: "You're gonna like the way you read."

Check it out at my website.

Get the book NOW for $5.25 at

Papa C

Carl Childress is the Editor-in-Chief of He's been writing professionally about amateur "hardball" umpiring for thirty-five years. The 2013 version of his unique Baseball Rule Differences, known as the BRD, is available at You may reach Carl at

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